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16 April 2010 @ 09:51 pm
This Week's Art
Professor Snape and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by ANON [PG13]
Luna Sculpture by keraha [G]
Boys' Night Out by naadi [Marauders, G]
Wicked/HP crossover by tbranch [Elphaba, Hermione Granger, G]
The Beatelles by glockgal [Padma, Pansy, Luna, Hermione, G]
Hurtling towards you by reira_21 [Harry/Draco, G]
When We Two Parted by ANON [Harry, Snape, G]
My Beauty by ANON [Harry/Snape, PG13]
2 Harry/Draco Pieces by sepsku [PG13]
In the Bookshop by sepsku [Harry/Draco, R NWS]

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02 April 2010 @ 11:56 pm
All the Art!:
Art Dump by o_k_go [Snape, Ginny, Molly - G]
Snape/Narcissa by vikingcarrot [G]
Fenrir and Hermione by xterm [G]
Personal Battles by rapousa [Harry/Draco - G]
Ribbons by ladysugarquill [Harry/Luna - G]
2 pieces by glockgal [NWS, nudity]
Medieval Snupin by rip_von_christ [PG]
Eyes Closed by serendipity_008 [Harry/Draco - PG13]
Playwitch 1969 by redheadsarehot and mugglemama [Arthur - PG13]
I heard you coughin' and you flashed that grin by o_k_go [Ron/Hermione - G]
We Learned the Sea by celestialsoda [Draco/Hermione - PG]
Elixer D'Amour by mayfly_78 [PG]
Lily and James: Voyeurs Extraordinaire by glockgal [G]
Among the Pixes by jin_fenghuang [Tonks/Bill - R NWS]
Spirited Harry & Harry Potter's adventures without Harry Potter by farfadine [G]
London Rush by pink_mint [Pansy - G]
April Fool's Art by ani_bester [G]
Easter by farfadine [G]
The Beauty and The Beast by rossellaohara [Snape/Harry - G]
Wandslinging at the OK Go Coral by __hibiscus [Ron - G]
Up tp No Good by alchemia [Remus, Sirius, James - R NWS]
Family Reunion and Unbarred by noneedofcrepe [Bella, Tonks and Lucius/Narcissa - PG]
Spring by leochi [Rose Weasley - G]
Hermione by tbranch [G]

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20 March 2010 @ 10:33 pm
This Week's Art
Wand Symmetry(Hawthorn & Vine Series Part 2 by sitrusky [Draco/Hermione, G]
The Everblooming Rose Part 2 by naadi [Harry/Draco, PG13]
Isabelle, Draco, and Harry by harrysde [G]
Pansy by tbranch [R NWS]
Hi, Malfoy. by reira_21 [Harry/Draco, R NWS]
On the nose by nami86 [Bill/Fleur, G]
The Holy Tree is Growing There(seven pieces) by mayfly_78 [Draco, Harry, all PG, one R]
Abandon by oldenuf2nb [Harry/Draco, R NWS]
Strawberries by shadowycat [Snape/Lupin, PG13]
Possession by naturegirlrocks [Harry/Draco, R NWS]
Not Quiet as Planned by jin_fenghuang [Snape/Harry, R NWS]

This week's theme @ hump_day_smut is Mirror of Erised! [all artwork not worksafe!]

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13 March 2010 @ 12:26 am
This Week's Notables

Chibi Harry Doll by gossymer  (Harry, G)
Good Morning Kiss by karlen4  (Harry, Draco, G)
Schmoopin by aleoninc  (Lupin, Snape, G)
Hammerhead by o_k_go  (Harry, Ron, Neville, Hermione, PG)
Snape/Sirius by tripperfunster  (PG13)
Good Morning, Sunshine by citrus_lime  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Honeymoon by ANON ( Arthur, Molly, G)
Make Me Crazier by citrus_lime  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Pansy by tbranch  (G)
Content by citrus_lime  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Snow Cakes by horcruxhymen  (Harry, Draco, G)


This week's THEME for hump_day_smut  is Mudbloods (All Artwork is NWS)
dark_flowers  has posted its Valentines Masterlist HERE
amberlynne  posted an entry about commenting HERE
wizard_love  has posted its Masterlist HERE

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05 March 2010 @ 09:54 pm
The Art:
On That Night by sychen49 [Harry/Draco - G]
The Everblooming Rose by naadi [Harry/Draco - G]
Hermione/Ginny by tbranch [NC17 NWS]
Unfamiliar Gentleness by lizardspots [Harry/Draco - NC17 NWS]
Picnic in the Greenhouse by Anonymous [Neville/Lavender - R]
Next Gen Girls by o_k_go [Lily, Rose, Victoire - PG]
Acoustic Treatment by sychen49 [Harry/Draco - PG13]
Showtime by aprilnewcastle [Remus, Severus, Lily - G]
Scorpius Malfoy Doll by leochi [G]
Underneath The Stars by Anonymous [Harry/Hermione - NC17 NWS]

This week's theme for hump_day_smut is Fairy Tales [all art is NWS]
vikingcarrot has a list of Feb. Death Eater Art Recs

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23 February 2010 @ 12:41 am
This Week's Notables

Neville by waccawheels  (G)
Sketchdump by octopuspatronus  (Harry, Draco, G-PG13)
Just the Way You Like It by ANON (Lucius, Snape, NWS)
Two by heathen_archive  (Harry, Draco, NWS)
Revenge by ANON (Ginny, Scorpius, NWS)
Blaise/Draco by petitefours  (PG)
Never Leave Me by morgana_lafata  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Young Bellatrix by freakyredeyes  (G)
See You Tomorrow by suf_sss  (Harry, Draco, PG13)
Harry/Draco Commission by andreanna  (PG)
Tell Me You Love Me by oldenuf2nb  (Harry, Draco, R)
The Chosen Ones by mijeli  (Harry, Draco, G)
Holding Hands by citrus_lime  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Always by ANON (Draco, Luna, R)
Receptiveness by red_rahl  (Harry, Draco, PG13)
In the Heat of the Moment by ANON (Oliver, Percy, R)
The Day After the Valentines by sweet_lemmon  (Harry, Hermione, PG13)
Warmth by citrus_lime  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Harry Potter and Beatles by glockgal  (Marauders, G)
The Everblooming Rose by naadi  (Harry, Draco, G)
Just Another Day by sugareey (Harry, Draco, PG13)
Once You've....by mijeli  (Harry, Draco, PG13)
Owl Post by shadowycat  (Lupin, G)
Draco and the Pleasure of Chocolate by waccawheels  (R)
Afterglow by stellamoon  (Harry, Draco, R)
The Fainting Couch by ANON (Bill Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, NWS)
Lonesome II by pearljamz  (Harry, R)


This week's THEME for hump_day_smut  is POTIONS (All artwork is NWS)
lillywmw  has posted her Art 2009 Year in review HERE.

Email artpimps[at]gmail[dot]com for art tips, corrections, comments, etc.
12 February 2010 @ 11:09 pm
The Art:
Find Your Way by Moonlight by Anonymous [Draco/Luna - PG13]
Mr. Valentine's Dead by o_k_go [George/Luna - PG]
Untitled by thilia [Rita/Hermione - R NWS]
Home to Neverland by horcruxhymen [Harry/Draco - G]
Afternoon Nap by leochi [James & Baby Harry - G]
Let's Go Away by sunshee [Harry/Draco - PG13]
Who's the Bigger Troublemaker? by leochi [G]
Shy First Kiss by octopuspatronus [Harry/Draco - G]
69 by tripperfunster [Harry/Ron - NC17 NWS]
Harry's Day by Anonymous [Snape/Harry - NC17 NWS]
Bites by Anonymous [Charlie/Neville - R NWS]
Lovers by mesmerizemme [Harry/Draco - PG13]
Summertime by piyo_oyip [Harry/Draco - PG13]
Harry and Hermione by ericahpfa [PG]
Albus/Scorpius by dverzimu [PG]

It's RERUN week at hump_day_smut [all work is NWS]

Email artpimps[at]gmail[dot]com for art tips, corrections, comments, etc.
06 February 2010 @ 12:33 am
This Week's Art
Island Discovery by stellamoon [Harry/Draco, G]
Tonight by reira_21 [Albus/Scorpius, G]
Smart-Mouth by scriblitarius [Snape, Harry, Ron, Hermione, G]
Snape/Sirius by glockgal [G]
Ron Weasley Gardening by glockgal [Ron, Draco, G]
Hogwartivity by naadi [G]
James "Neo" Potter by sitrusky [Voldemort, James, Lily, Baby Harry, Nagini, G]
Hermione & Crookshanks by tbranch [G, sexyness!]
Snape/Hermione by tbranch [G]
What Do You Want? by tbranch [G]
Hermione's Pet by leochi [G]
Neville and his Mimbulus Mimbletonia by leochi [G]
First Winter with Hedwig by leochi [Harry, Hedwig, G]
Me, my siblings & my cousins by leochi [Albus Severus, G]
A Bit of Light Reading by leochi [Hermione, Crookshanks, G]
Taboo Kiss by dirty_darella [Fred/George, R NWS]
Luna She Lay by o_k_go [G]
Ron/Hermione by ericahpfa [PG13]
Albus Severus by ericahpfa [G, +links to others]
Love is... being happy that you're mine by eyesemerald [Harry/Draco, PG13]
Sorrow by phoenixacid [Harry/Draco, G]
Tonight...We Have No Names by ANON [McGonagall/Tom Riddle, R NWS]
Blood Traitors severely_lupine [Sirius/Ginny, R NWS]
Assorted Arts by skitty_skat [Lupin/Snape, Snape, Sirius, PG]
More Art...Collapse )

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23 January 2010 @ 05:28 pm
This Week's Notables

What Are You Hiding? by camillo1978  (Harry, Snape, G)
Two Pieces by thilia  (Lily Luna, Pansy/Luna, G/NWS)
Fiji Butterflies by kyprincess  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Can't Stop Feeling by thewickednix  (Harry, Draco, G)
Molly's Portrait Gallery by leochi  (Various, G)
Snape at Work by shadowycat  (G)
A Place to Ourselves by kath_ballantyne  (Fred, George, PG)
Draco by thewickednix  (G)
Take Another by froggie  (Harry, Draco, NWS)
Snape's Pony by siriuslysnogged  (Hermione, NWS)
Confession by piyo_oyip  (Harry, Draco, Ginny, G)
Untitled by reallycorking  (Ron, Harry, PG13)
Slightly Scarlet by cydienne  (Harry, Draco, R)
Five Portraits Dean Thomas Drew of Seamus Finnigan, and One That He Did Not by naturegirlrocks  (PG-R)
The Mass of Men Art by icarusinwax  (Various, G)
Katie Bell by tbranch  (G)
Mini Comic by piyo_oyip  (Harry, Draco, PG)
The Dragon's Mother by icarusinwax  (Narcissa, Harry, PG)
Hand-Eye Co-ordination by icarusinwax  (Luna, G)
Le berceau (the cradle) by farfadine  (Astoria, Scorpius, G)
I Need You by thewickednix  (Harry, Draco, PG)
Snape's Worse Nightmare by frizzy_hermione  (Various, G)
Flock by icarusinwax  (Dumbledore, Harry, Death Eaters, PG)
Deplorable Behaviour by star_sailor13  (Harry, Draco, Portrait!Snape, PG13)
Remorse by thewickednix (Draco, G)
Two Pieces by solochan  (Teddy, Sirius, Remus, G)

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15 January 2010 @ 06:34 pm
This Week's Art:
Severus Snape by yorda_ [G]
Lily and Severus in the Snow by leochi [G]
Winter Luna by leochi [G]
Play to Win by tbranch [Angelina Johnson - PG]
The Mission by velven [G]
The Thirteen Days of Severus by pennswoods [PG]
Draco at the Mirror of Erised by hallowdraconis [Harry/Draco - R NWS]
She’s Too Unworldly to Be Our Friend by o_k_go [G]
Leave it to The Pro by thewickednix [Harry/Draco - PG]
More Than Meets The Eye by sugareey [Harry/Draco - PG]
Let's Do A Quickie by pearljamz [Harry/Draco - PG]
Luna by midnight_ljc [G]
Snarry by stellamoon [R NWS]
Snarry by tripperfunster [PG13]

This week's theme for hump_day_smut is PRIVET DRIVE [NWS]
hp_art_xchange sign-ups are open! Go HERE for info
sugareey's Year in Review [some art may be NWS]

Please have a look at help_haiti for fanart/fic auctions to raise money for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti

Email artpimps[at]gmail[dot]com for art tips, corrections, comments, etc.